What is Pitbull?

What is Pitbull?

Pitbull is, first and foremost, an amazing experiment; in fact, ever since its birth on March 2021, Pitbull has been run entirely by the community.

That’s right: Pitbull has no founder and no CEO, aswell as no access to the contract and liquidity – no team wallets either. All it has is a group of volunteers and an amazing community backing it up, working day in and day out, on a quest to show that a complete decentralized model can not only survive the worst market conditions, but can also thrive on them.

Matter of fact, Pitbull is now the biggest entirely community driven token, with more than 514k+ holders and 60+ listings, making it easily available worldwide; and this is just the beginning.

Volunteers from the community offer their time and skills to help Pitbull’s ecosystem grow, and even just a simple idea can sometime help us build our next chapter…so what are you waiting for?

Join our #PITBULLISH community!