1. Is the contract of Pitbull renounced?

The original developer of Pitbull gave up on the ownership of the contract, meaning nobody can ever have control over it. Community then picked up the project, making it entirely community driven.

2. How does this benefits the community?

It benefits the community because the renounced ownership of the contract, paired with the burnt liquidity, ensures a trustless environment. Pitbull is managed by the community following a DAO model.

3. What about migration? Does Pitbull have any airdrop?

Pitbull will never migrate because a migration is not possible. There will never be a V2 of Pitbull or a “new” Pitbull token – beware of anyone saying otherwise. Pitbull doesn’t have any aidrop besides the automatic 2% redistribution that happens on every transaction. Pitbull is a fair launch, no pre-sale occured.


1. Why is Pitbull Decentralized?

Because the contract can’t be modified as the ownership was renounced; the liquidity also can’t be touched. Other than that, Pitbull also has no marketing or team tokens. Everything in Pitbull was built by volunteers of the community and no money was ever required.

2. What is the goal of Pitbull in the DeFi world?

The main goal for us is to show that a completely decentralized model can work – as long as there’s a supportive community behind it.

3. Why is DeFi the best option?

Because with DeFi, you have full control over everything. This brings a lot of responsibility but also the kind of freedom that none of the centralized entities will ever be able to offer. Centralization has its perks, but we feel that true decentralization is vital for the growth and sustainability of a project like Pitbull; no bad actor will ever put a stop to it.


1. How can I join Pitbull’s community?

On Pitbull, every action matters: to join our community, all you have to do is share your talents and skills with us; join our Telegram groups, share your ideas, meet other like-minded people, et voilà…you have officially become a Pitbuller!

2. How big is Pitbull’s community?

The community of Pitbull is one of the biggest in the DeFi space, with more than 515k+ holders from all over the world.

3. Is there a community from my country?

We have sub-communities from many countries of the world, like Turkey, Iran, Romania, Spain/Latin America, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, French Group, China, Indonesia, Italy, Ukraina, Arabic Group, Malaysia, Germany, Netherlands/Belgium, Nigeria, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Benin, Russia; if you can’t find yours, just contact us so we can create it.