$BNB Burn

Since our birth almost 3 years ago, on March 2021 to be exact, the community has been working relentlessly on Pitbull.

Our goal has always been the same, to keep building in a way that can’t be stopped by anyone or anything – to keep building in a decentralized way;

And in those three years, Pitbull has never once slowed down: in fact, not only $PIT is one of the most liquid tokens on BNBChain, with more than the equivalent of 4 million dollars in the liquidity pool, but it is also one of the biggest burner of BNBs in the entire ecosystem, with a whopping six figure amount of $BNBs sitting in the dead wallet – 100,562 at the time of this writing.

This process will keep going for as long as there will be transactions and we’re proud to be active contributors to BNB’s ecosystem, which is where it all started for us.

From a small token tradeable only on PancakeSwap, to one of the most recognized names in the industry, available in more than 60 decentralized and centralized entities; this is the story of Pitbull, this is our story.